The Shadow Snatchers of Kentucky

  • Simply Weird
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 As we have seen, many myths are somewhat related to actual fact (often later substantiated through proof). Others still are the ''stuff'' of superstition. This tale doesn't fit into either category. The US State of Kentucky is well known for it's amazing caverns. Formed by water millions of years ago, they are very much a draw for Tourists (from inside The States as well as Foreign Visitors). However, several dark tales evolved from them. One such involves ''The Shadow Snatchers'' and it seems to originated in the 1800s. With the Westward Expansion Period of late Colonial American History, many ''went West''. The West then, was Territories such as Kentucky, Ohio etc. With these Colonists came their particular legends and beliefs. All manner of people came from The East. Probable too, were those who practiced Herbal Healing and (as it is often misidentified), Witchcraft. As we have seen, there are ''Good and Bad'' Witches (pardoning The Pun taken from The ''Wizard of Oz'').

In Central Kentucky, an off-shoot of The Mammoth Cave Systems (the most popular), is a Cavern which is mostly unknown. So secretive, that very few outside The Region will EVEN tell of where it is. It was said that a Coven of ''Bad Witches'', used the Caves to conjure their spells. In particular, if this Coven took a dislike to you, they would ''hex'' (curse) you, stripping away your ''physical form'' and leave only your shadow (the personification of one's soul in many Cultures). These ''shadows'' were then imprisoned within the Cave. With no light the ''shadow'' was cursed to be trapped until it could find a way to retake a ''Human form''. While ''we'' cannot ''see'' a shadow in complete darkness ''they'' apparently can ''sense'' a ''living presence''. Those foolish enough to venture into this Cave (or perhaps any Cave), will have their ''shadow'' stolen and replaced by One of the ''imprisoned''. They will then, armed with their ''new'' Human Body, be able to move around in The World. You, on the other hand are trapped as a ''shadow'' as they were. Obviously a Regional Folk Tale, perhaps told to encourage people from wandering into Caves (of which many have and were never found by Rescue Teams), One must still contemplate visiting a Cave. Of course if you don't believe.......................