The Screaming Skull

  • Legends From Around The World
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 ''Screaming Skulls'' – A focal point in countless Horror Movies and related Literature. Seen as disembodied ''heads'', they ''haunt'' those whom ''they'' feel an injustice was perpetrated upon them. To express their ''dislike'', they are said to ''wail and scream''. Generally, this ''cry'' will continue until the particular injustice is corrected. Many Cultures have such tales, but England seems to have it's fair share. One story comes to us from 16th Century Dorset and Bettiscomb Manor (which still by the way, stands today).

The Tale states that The Manor Lord lost His Family fortune as a result of His support of Loyalist Forces during The English Civil War. However, a Merchantman by trade, He was able to make a lucrative ''comeback'' in The Slave Trade in South America and Africa. After re-establishing His ''Family Name'' and wealth, He returned to England from several years abroad in South America. He also brought with Him his personal Slave. The Manor Lord did not treat His Slave well. While there were no Plantations in England, He made His Slave work constantly – both inside and outside of The Manor.

Perhaps The Slave angered The Manor Lord, or some other misfortune happened to The Slave – for he was mortally wounded under ''odd circumstances''. Just prior to dying, The Slave said to His Master that ''I Will Not Rest Until I Am Back in My Own Country''. The Manor Lord scoffed at this. He had a shallow grave dug in The Manor grounds and buried The Slave there.

Almost immediately (within weeks) – all in The Manor ''heard'' a ''loud wailing'' coming from the area where the Slave was buried. When The Manor Lord went to the grave, He too could hear a ''screaming'' coming from beneath the Earth. Wishing not to draw attention to Himself or His Family, He had the Slave's body exhumed. The Casket was sealed in The Manor Attic. As the years passed, the story states that the body decomposed away, save His skull. However, when The Manor Lord went to remove the remains, all He Found was The Skull.....and it was again ''screaming''.

This psychological ''hell'' continued for many years, even after the Manor Lord died himself. Legend states that on several occasions, Family Members had made plans to have The Skull taken back to Africa. For whatever reason, this never happened. It is said that in the late 19th Century, The Skull was encased in glass. As such, the ''screams'' cannot be heard.....that is, until the glass is broken someday!