The Satanic Bible

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By Crusader1307

Perhaps one of the most controversial books written and published in the late 1960s, The ''Satanic Bible'' was penned by Anton LaVey, self professed Satanist and Occultist. LaVey was seen as (much as the earlier English ''Mystic'' Aleister Crowley was reputed to have been in the late 19th and 20th Century). LaVey was Founder of The Temple of Set, and later instrumental in establishing The Church of Satan. In short, LaVey ''mainstreamed'' Lucifer and practicing Satanism in the open. LaVey's most controversial move was the Worldwide publishing of His so name ''Satanic Bible''. Condemned by every Christian Church in The World, it nonetheless gave the curious a glimpse into the ''Dark World'' of Satanism. Seen by some as a ''Bible'' (of sorts), The Book outlines spells, rituals and related for any Satanist or Occultist to summon forth demons or evil spirits. It also extols the virtue of Satanism, giving it a ''free love and free thought mentality which was common in the 1960s counter-culture movement of the then youth).And while many attempts were made to ban the sale or distribution of The ''Satanic Bible'' (say from your local Library), many allow it for reasons of ''Freedom of Choice'' or ''Religion'' values. Many Arcane Historians take issue with LaVey's research and presentation, likening much of it to the ''Hollywood'' version of perceived ''Satanists'' and Lucifer. Many more cite the entirety of The Book as ''base entertainment'' (as was much of LaVey's ''theatrical'' Life). The ''Satanic Bible'' is still being published (in several revised forms).