The Saratoga Ghost Light

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By Crusader1307

Located in a portion of Southwest Texas (US) known as ''The Big Thicket'', this region is a rather large area of swamp and forest land. It is also noted for the many reported Paranormal phenomenon which are somewhat common. The majority of such is centered near the Community of Saratoga, Texas. Local Legends of Ghosts – even Extraterrestrial Activity abound. The most common, beginning in 1902 – center around a ''Ghost Town'' called Bragg station (near Beaumont). Once a Railroad Depot, several accidents (decapitated Lantern and Switchmen), have led to the sighting of ''Ghost Lights''. The Light (said to be the lantern of a long dead Railman, still warning of impending danger), are still reported. Science dictates that the very common phenomenon of Swamp Gases (the result of decomposing organic material in The Swampland), is the REAL cause.