The Rooster of Barcelo

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By Crusader1307

  A quaint legend ingrained into Portuguese Culture, The ''Rooster of Barcelo'' tale began in the 17th Century with a theft in the small Town of Barcelo. Silver and monies were stolen from several Houses there. Naturally, a stranger in Town was blamed. Taken before The Magistrate who despite the stranger's pleas of innocence sentenced Him to hang. While awaiting to die, the stranger begged The Police to take Him before The Magistrate once more, so He could plead His innocence one last time.

Fulfilling His ''last wish'', the stranger found The Magistrate hosting a fine meal to include a fully roasted Rooster on His very plate. The stranger again pleaded His Case, but The Magistrate was uninterested. As The Police took Him back to jail and His sentience, the stranger turned to The Magistrate and said ''AS you hang Me an innocent Man, so will your Roasted Roster come to life and Crow!'' The next day, the stranger was taken to The Gallows and His execution was forthcoming. At the Home of The Magistrate suddenly, a crowing was heard throughout The House. Running to the kitchen, The Magistrate beheld the seemingly ''dead'' Rooster ''alive'' and crowing! Terrified, The Magistrate mounted a Horse and galloped to The Jail.

Luckily for Our ''stranger'', The Hangman was inexperienced. His rope knot broke and all the stranger suffered were bruises as He hit the ground. The Magistrate immediately pardoned the stranger. As word spread throughout Town, people began to fashion ceramic Roosters, brightly painted and displayed them both inside and outside their homes as a ''Good Luck Charm''. To this day, the painted ''Rooster of Barcelo'' is a popular ''trinket'' purchased by Tourists from around The World.