The Red Man Ritual

  • Urban Legends
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 The ''Red Man'' Ritual is a rather strange Urban/Internet Legend, which never quite establishes just ''what'' will happen to those who ''perform it''. Further, it is equally unclear as to just what ''benefits'' are ''given'' for performing it. Some say this is because IF performed correctly, the person vanishes – to ''where'' is unknown. Many people either laugh and move on or for those who proceeded with The Ritual, stopped midway and REFUSE to talk about it. So, if you have the guts to find out out (or not)...HERE is how to perform the creepy Japanese Urban Legend Ritual of ''The Red Man''.....

The Performer must procure two small mirrors, painting or drawing a pair of human eyes on each, using Red lipstick. These are placed at equal distance form each other, front facing each (endless reflection pattern, if you please). Distance is around 14-inches. Next gather 5 candles (type is not important nor size. Arranged them in a Pentagonal shape on the inside of the two mirrors you have placed. Next, cut the shape of a man from paper. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it bust have a head, arms and legs. On the back of the figure, draw with the lipstick – a single straight red line from the head to the groin. On the left side of your paper ''torso'', write your name. On the other side, the name ''Reuben'' (I have no idea of who this is, but let's assume it is the name of a Spirit for the point of this ''experiment'').

The paper figure is now placed with the head in a 12 O'Clock position in between the candles and mirrors. One must then light the candles, but in a particular order. This is from the 7 O'Clock position BACKWARDS until all candles are alight. After such, make sure all forms of external lighting are extinguished. The room must be totally dark. Wait a few minutes and proclaim in a loud voice ''Red Man Appear to Me''. Wait several more minutes and begin to finish out The Ritual. This involves cutting the paper figure along the red line you drew, so that you have two pieces of ''man''. Place them back where you had them. Now get ready for the clincher, blow out all candles in the REVERSE order that you lit them. Now, as you wait in your dark room, unclear as to what will happen next listening to your beating heart.......ask yourself, ''What is that moving in the corner of The Room?''