The REAL Castle Frankenstein

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By Crusader1307

 While Mary Shelley is credited as being the ''Creator'' of ''Modern Gothic Horror'', Her ''dream'' (which brought about the famous tale of a Doctor who creates ''Life''), may have been spurned by a real visit to the Hilltop Castle known as ''Burg Frankenstein'' (Darmstadt, Germany). Combining two words, The German ''Stein'' (or Stone) with The Frankish identifier, one creates ''Frankenstein'' (or ''Stones of The Franks''). This could be in relation to the 11th Century building style emulated throughout The Region. Many such fortifications were constructed in The ''Frankish Style''. Originally inhabited by Lord Conrad Reiz (1250 AD) He took the Castle identifier as his own ''Title'', ergo ''Lord Conrad Reiz Frankenstein'' in honor of his monumental defensive structure. The Castle and it's ''Titled Name'' was also passed on thru The Family. Largely abandoned by the 17th Century, it soon fell into disrepair and would become somewhat ''ominous'' in appearance.

In 1673, a known Alchemist John Dippel, brought the Castle. In it He was said to have worked various ''experiments'' (such as developing the mythical ''Philosopher Stone'' the ability to chemically ''make'' Gold). While ''legend'' tells of a bout of ''late night storytelling'' by Shelley's Husband, Poet Percy Bysshe and friends spurring Mary to ''dream'' the now famous and well-known tale, some cite She may have heard the tales about Dippel (even perhaps meeting the ''Mad Scientist'' himself).

In addition to the many possible ''unethical experiments Dippel may have conducted (while all agree that they might NOT have involved animating dead body parts), torture may have occurred. This may have prompted strong paranormal energies to be ''soaked up'' by The Castle. Other Regional legends link Castle Frankenstein with The Legend of Saint George and The Dragon (the well known Medieval myth of a Christian Knight vanquishing The Devil in Dragon form). Sir George supposedly stayed in The Castle both before and after his ''epic fight''. Other tales, cite a ''Fountain of Youth'' (possibly what caused Dippel to live there), is located on the property. In the 18th Century, Gold was claimed to have been discovered there (also linked to The Dippel Experiments). Many were accidentally killed trying to climb the surrounding hills and crags trying to find it. From ''Lindenworms'' (the man-eating giant worms said to live nearby), to Witchcraft and of course Werewolves, Castle Frankenstein seems to be a ''magnet'' for such myths. In terms of magnets, yes the surrounding ground show an extreme ''magnetic '' field present. Preserved and Conserved throughout the 20th Century, Castle Frankenstein has become a major source of tourism money ans likely so for many more generations.