The Punishment of The Grave

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By Crusader1307

In Islamic and Judaic Culture, the unusual principle kn own as The ''Punishment of The Grave'' was fixed to the related concept of ''Judgment Day''. Most Religions assign some form of belief system with regards to the Event. It is claimed that One's Soul lies ''dormant'' in the grave until it is transferred (resurrected) on a specific time for subsequent Judgment by a ''Creator Deity''. In ''Punishment of The Grave'', the process becomes more esoteric. Those who are ''unrighteous'' will ''lay in wait'' while they are ''tormented'' by specifically assigned ''Angels'' until they are called into Judgment. Conversely, those ''righteous'' Soul will ''rest on peace'' (again until such time). These ''Angels of Destruction'' (as we have seen before) are chosen for such task. Various Islamic ''Hadiths'' (which to some Muslims are thought to be records of the ''words, beliefs and approval'' of The Prophet Muhammad) since first ''recorded'' in the 9th Century AD, support the belief in ''The Punishment of The Grave'' (while The Quran does not specifically address it). As previously stated in past Articles Judaic Biblical teaching assigns ''The Punishment'', but with a ''day of peace'' provided (eg ''The Sabbath'').