The Phantom Kangaroo

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By Crusader1307

 A popular and possible ''Urban Legend'' of Australia. The ''Phantom Kangaroo'' is a claim by some, of a single or even group (herd) of Kangaroos seen in locations where the animal is not known to habitate. In some cases, The ''Roo'' even vanishes before the eyes of the watcher. The ''sightings'' became to be reported in the 1970s, with the last such ''Ghost Herd'' reported in 2013. Not indicative to Australia. ''Phantom Kangaroos'' are also reported in England and The United States as well. In these cases, the ''Ghosts'' resemble a kind of ''Prehistoric version'' (as described by Witnesses), are reported. The ''creatures'' have a elongated head, resembling a type of posterior bone extension. Many cite these reports are hoaxes and Advertising gimmicks. Most photographs are too out of focus to be of any use. However, as we have seen in previous Cryptoid Articles anything can be possible in this improbable World.