The Phantom Bus

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

Philadelphia....nicknamed ''The City of Brotherly Love''. The City's history is interwoven into America's ''fibers'' as The Birthplace of Liberty, by which The Country declared it's freedom as a Colony of England in 1776. It is also, as we have seen – a hotbed for paranormal tales of curses and ghosts. It is also ''home'' to quite a few ''Urban Legends''. The ''Phantom Bus'' is one of them. No one is quite sure as to just when it began, perhaps as early as the 1950s. It is said that despite being a ''friendly'' City to some, Philadelphia (like all Cities everywhere) – has it's share of those who are plagued by misery and poor decisions in life. Some of these decisions are so traumatic, that the encompass everything that the sufferer does. Perhaps these Souls need ''time'' to reconcile their choices. Enter a ghostly vehicle called The ''Phantom Bus''. If one such troubled Soul (normally at night and most often during extreme cases of fog and mist conditions), waits on Broad Street (a major thoroughfare), a ''City Bus'' will ''appear''. The Driver looks as any other Civil Servant, and there may even be ''others'' on board. But Once one ''enters'', it it said – they can NEVER exit until they have resolves their ''issue''. The Bus (as it goes), vanishes – only to return at unspecified times (sometime many years later). Often seen as a form of ''rolling Purgatory'', obviously the vehicle only admits those already dead or dying. The Bus serves as a means of purging or dealing with the issue that so consumed their lives that they could not go forward (either living or dead). IS an Urban Legend''.....ISN'T IT?