The Pentecostal Oath

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

The ''Pentecostal Oath'' was the required ''Swearing'' required of all Knights of The Round Table of King Arthur. After all Peerage was established, and a final Oath made to The King Himself – The ''Pentecostal Oath'' (made during the Religious Celebration or Feast of Pentecost), was based on the standard Oath of Chivalry, which all Knights had to swear to. These basis ''Rules'' were – No Knight could commit or allow to be committed Murder (unless it was in defense of The King under His direction). A Knight of The Table was expected to never ''court'' or allow Treason. He could not tolerate Cruelty. IF an Enemy in battle sought ''Mercy'', A Knight of The Table HAD to extend such. No violation of The King's Law was allowed, and a Knight was required to deliver an offender to The ''King's Good Justice''. Most importantly, a Knight had to honor and provide courtesy to any Lady and see to Her immediate needs. The Oath was affirmed every year.