The Paasselka Devil's

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By Crusader1307

The ''phenomenon'' known as The ''Paasselka Devil's'' is indicative to Lake Paasselka, in Finland. The Lake is millions of years old (possibly around 200 Million, in fact). Formed from a Meteor impact, it filled in time to form an 8-mile long, 200-feet deep stand of water. For Generations though, it has been the scene of a strange occurrence – still witnessed today. At specific times (mostly at night), strange green globs of light are scene exiting from the surface of the water. Sometimes, they rise as high as several feet, in other instances – they ''dart along the water top''. They are called ''The Devils'', and are associated with ''Evil Spirits''. The phenomenon is often explained by mainstream science as a result from Earth tectonic plates reacting to the the remains of the meteor impact (and the hereto unknown minerals and effects they have). The ''Devil's'' are most commonly seen as the previously mentioned ''Will-O'The Wisp'' mythology common in other Countries.