The Outer Space Dead

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

A popular Conspiracy and Modern Ghost Story, centers around the tale of several Soviet Union (Russia) Era Cosmonauts (Astronauts), who were killed on various Missions. These Missions were both before the successful Orbital Launch of Major Yuri Gagarin in 1961 and prior to The US Manned Mission to The Moon in 1969. As the myth continues, several ''accidents'' before Gagarin yielded Cosmonauts unable to make proper re-entry. As such, they were to have died in Orbit unable to be rescued. Their Capsule is said to float above The Earth, still ''piloted'' by ghostly skeletons still ''performing their Mission''. The next myth is centered around The Soviet Union's mad rush to beat The US to The Moon with their own Lunar Landing Mission. Again failing, the Craft is either floating in Moon Orbit or forever ''lost in space''. Naturally, The former Soviet Union denied these tales, with many stating that no such tests prior to The Gagarin Flight happened. Further, due to cost and technological restrictions, they never attempted a Lunar Landing. Much US information (such as telemetry) of The Day, show various Tests contrary to The Soviet denial. The Soviets, when further pressed 30 years after the Conspiracy began, claimed that these ''tests'' were unmanned. Skeptics cite that after 50 odd years, any such debris would have long since burned up in an uncontrolled re-entry (ala cremation ). Other, not so sure (especially in relation to being lost in Moon Orbit). Do the remains of Cosmonauts still orbit The Earth Maybe or maybe not. Think of such as you gaze up sometime in the night Sky..................