The Orphan Book Curse

  • Urban Legends
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

  As we have seen, ''Cursed Books'' are a mainstay of Gothic and Horror Tales. These tomes hold misfortune and death (depending) to those who even (at times) – open them. While most are the stuff of a Literary Mind (mainly The Author and His ability to ''scare you''), such things cannot be real – right? Well one book may be proof that such things as ''Cursed'' or ''Haunted'' Books exist. The book we will discuss is known as ''Historia del Huerfano'' or ''The Orphan's Story''. Claimed to have been written by an Augustine (Religious Order) Brother in or around 1608 AD – the ''story'' details a (fictional?) young man who was center seat to several horrible events in New World History. The Story is written from ''point of view'' or first person narrative.

The Author tells of the harsh condition visited upon Mesoamericans who came under the lash of their Spanish Conquerors. Descriptions of the suffering from Slavery in many Mines (digging for Gold and Silver), are very livid. This leads some Historian to show proof that the Writer may have actually witnessed the torment (although ''He'' could have taken accounts from other and was just a descriptive Writer). In addition, The Author tells of The English Invasion and numerous bloody battles under Sir Francis Drake in 1595 of The Caribbean. Again, His descriptions are very accurate and very bloody. No reason was given as just why The Book was never published. It sat in manuscript form for Centuries. It's associated legend? It was said that when anyone opened the volume to read it, great misfortune was visited upon them. Blindness, instant death or long periods of misery and ruin seemed to accompany the book. One explanation offered – the very Slaves of The Aztecs, Incans and Mayans had cursed the book so that anyone who would read of their suffering would likewise suffer. Other ''curses'' center around those who perished under The English (Spain did not reinforce it's positions in The Caribbean, leaving it's Colonial Defenders - well, defenseless!)

The book made it's way to The United States as part of a larger European Collection – in 1965. It was translated and edited. The finished product was made into a volume and sold (copies). Then it started again. Owners experienced car and plane crashes, great sickness and outright death when they read ''The Orphan''. Naturally, thing happen and much of the accidents and misfortune can be rationally explained. The ''curse'' does NOT happen to everyone to be sure, and some say that it's ''curse'' was part of it's ''marketing'' since the 17th Century (when the Legend began).

The book can still be found for sale. Order it and read......See What Happens!