The Naga Fireballs

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By Crusader1307

A phenomenon indicative to Thailand's Mekong River, the so-named ''Naga Fireballs'' are part of a festival which if the Buddhist equivalent to Christianity's Lenten Season. Thousands have gathered for several centuries along it's banks to honor a Deity called Phaya Nak. This is a serpent-like creature that has protected The Mekong and those who make a living from it. In late October, strange ''blobs of orange Light'' rocket up from the surface of The River, as high as 25-feet. The Light then disappears. Science identifies this phenomenon to phosphorus gases reacting to water temperature changes and other environmental factors (eg ''Swamp Gas'' and ''Will O' Wisps''). But as far as the people of The Mekong are concerned, it is a sign of protection...and always will be.