The Mummies of Guanajuanto

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By Crusader1307

While mummification does attract the curious, a certain place in The Mexican State of Guanajuato contains a rather unusual Tourist ''spot'' which highlight the phenomenon. However, these Mummies are not of Ancient Pharaohs and Nobility. They are are relatively ''new'', dating to 1833. Their story is as such. In that year of 1833, a Cholera epidemic broke out in The Region. It killed hundreds very quickly (rich and poor). When one died then, The State assessed a perpetual tax on bodies. It was attached to those buried above grounds, in Crypts (both private and Public). IF a Family could no longer pay (or all of them ''died'' out), bodies were removed for ''lack of payment'' and often ''stored'' like firewood outside sheds. While some were partially embalmed, the dry and humid conditions of The Region creates ''Natural Mummies'', by drying them out before massive decomposition can happen. The gruesome collection which by the 1890s began to attract the curious, was so popular that Graveyard Owners decided to charge a small fee to view The Mummies. In time, they were further preserved and placed behind glass in a building. People come by the hundreds to view the sad remnants of The Epidemic. The old and young can be seen. Visitors swear that The Mummies appear to be whispering, as if to be just as curious about ''them'' as they are of The Display. When locked up for the night, Groundskeepers say the quiet sounds of crying from inside can also be heard.