The Mosul Orb

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By Crusader1307

The US Government has just released a photograph of a video clip, which is taking the World 's Internet by ''storm'' (as it were). As The US Government's ''story''goes – the ''Classified'' Clip (only 4 seconds long), was taken over The Iraqi City of Mosul on April 15th 2016. The Government (unidentified) Intelligence Agency was running a ''Mission'' of ''surveillance'' at the time, when an unspecified Drone (Unmanned Craft), captured what appeared to be a large ''Silvery Orb'' as it streaked over The City. The ''Object'', which was determined to be ''large'', was ''silvery in color'' and ''reflected The Sun'' of it's surface.

Held as ''SECRET'' by The US Government, it was released as a probable ''Unidentified Flying Object'' (or UAP if you so prefer), and ''DECLASSIFIED” for Public view. The ''Object'' was shown (via Drone Telemetry) to have it's own ''movement'' and altitude (deemed to be around roughly 11,500-feet) over The Neighborhood it was ''flying over''. Speed was determined to be at or around 1,500 miles per hour!

Detractors state that the ''Orb'' was nothing more than a ''drop of water (condensation) on the lens of The Drone. This could be ''plausible'' but for the fact that The Drone showed no other evidence of such. Which, as we know – begs the question, Just WHAT did The Drone ''capture'' and just as relevant – WHY did The US Government WAIT SO LONG to release the ''image''?