The Monkey Man of Delhi

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

A probable ''Urban Legend'' from 2001 the so-called ''Monkey Man'' was a rumored Being which terrorized Delhi, India. The Creature was said to be 4-feet in height and covered in thick black hair when ''It'' was first reported by several Villages on the outskirts of The City. By the time the myth migrated to Delhi, The ''Monkey Man'' was 8-feet tall, still with black fur and ''glowing'' Red eyes. The Being also was reputed to have ''long claws''. Some ''visions'' have ''Monkey Man'' is a mutated Human, using self-made steel claws and armor! With elements of 19th Century England's ''Spring Heeled Jack'' ''Monkey Man'' jumps from roof top to roof top. ''It'' swoops down and tries to grab it's victims. Although no one has been ''taken'' by The Beast, numerous victims had deep scratches to show. And while most cite ''wild apes'' as the true culprit, one still has to conclude that ''Monkey Man'', much as ''Bigfoot'' may just be an unknown Cryptoid, driven out from His natural habitat by constant ''Human'' construction and land reclamation.