The Miracle of Our Lady of Zeitoun

  • Saints, Religious and Holy Relics
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 A small City District inside of Cairo, Egypt – Zeitoun has an even smaller Group of Christians who have their Church and traditions. But starting in 1968 (and continuing forward for years), Residents of The District and The Catholic Church have been in awe of the so called appearance of perhaps The Virgin Mary. ''She'' is known as Our Lady of Zeitoun. Her story is as follows......

While undergoing renovation, Workers on the roof of The Church reported to have ''seen'' what appeared to be a ''woman, jumping from the roof''. Running to the side, The Workers saw no suicide victim on the ground below. They simply saw nothing. The ''woman'' appeared ''whole and real'' so The Workers had no idea as to what they ''saw''. But soon, they reported that it was ''happening with great regularity''. Many thought that the Men were witnessing a ghostly event, but no records of such a tragic death at The Church were ever recorded. One day, a Visitor outside The Church was looking up when He too saw what appeared to be a ''woman, clothed in all white'' standing near the edge of the roof. She ''glowed with a bright radiance''. The Man took a photograph of the image (which quickly disappeared thereafter). Soon word of this event spread thru The City, and more and more people began to show up to see ''The Woman''. Some in the crowd stated that ''The Woman'' greatly resembled The Virgin Mary. Again more and more people descended on The Church to ''see'' what was quickly seen as another Marian Miracle. To be sure, no Clergy ever claimed to have seen ''The Woman'', but dutifully, the event was reported to Rome's Congregation for The Cause of The Saints (the Organization that investigates such incidents). They could not readily disclaim or prove the sighting, but it was widely believed as being what many thought it was. Investigated by non-religious as well, no explanation has ever been offered for the sightings. They do not appear every day (and there is no set ''pattern'' either). Sometimes, years pass before ''She'' appears. It is said the image only appears during strife.