The Martha Brossier Case

  • Witchcraft
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Martha Brossier became quite a ''celebrity'' in France around 1575 AD. The 22 years old daughter of a common Weaver, Martha became a sensation at a time when much of Medieval Europe ''saw'' Demons and Witches under every stone, it seemed. While many of these Cases would pan out as supernatural hysteria (by today's standards, looking back) young Martha took the sentiment to the extreme. Martha you see, was possessed by a Demon. So ''hexed'' that The Church spent great time and effort to at first treat Her, then expose Her as a fake. Moderately educated (which was no small feat for a Woman of the Era), Martha began to exhibit strange contortions of Her body, as well as Her voice becoming ''deep and resonating''. He screamed in ''unearthly tones'', and spoke in languages She could not have known. Martha exhibited every (then) recorded manifestation of Demonic Possession possible. Although Her Family was quite terrified of Her, they nonetheless took Martha on ''Tour'' to various Villages in The Region, charging for spectators to ''witness'' a true ''demonic possession''. Then The Church got involved.

Her first series of interviews (of which Martha displayed her considerable abilities) also included what we know know to be ventriloquism (or a persons ability with practice, to make One's voice sound as if it was coming from another location). In several more Church investigations, ''demonic voices''' would be heard throughout Her Home. Eleven different Doctors examined Martha and found not physical cause for Her ''maladies''. Around the year 1600 AD, Martha ''received'' an Exorcism, sanctioned by The Church. The Ritual was performed by high ranking Clergy. What they didn't tell Martha, that the ''Holy Water'' used was NOT blessed (regular water). She reacted violently to being exposed to it (not a good sign if your trying to have people think your possessed!) The Church determined Martha was a fraud. They made it very clear that she was. Without an income (who would pay to see Her now), Martha was fade from Public view. After 1600, nothing can be found of Her (although it is assumed She changed Her name and moved from The Region).