The London Monster

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By Crusader1307

The ''Monster'' was seen by some as early ''Urban Legend'' while other state that such a ''Fiend'' did exist and terrorized The Women of London between 1788 and 1790. And while several Suspects were later arrested for the crimes, Historians are still not quite sure that these Men were The ''Monster''. The Suspect's motive of operation was to sneak up on unsuspecting Women and stab them with a long needle or pin, generally in their buttocks. ''He'' would also shout ''vulgarisms'' with each attack. Some victims were also attacked with knives (although even this is debated). While none of the 50 purported victims died from their wounds, they were described as being ''substantial''. The Suspect was said to be ''handsome and well dressed'' but wore a ''fake nose tied to His face''. It is unclear if this was part of a disguise or in reality to hide some disfigurement. Some accounts of The Monster describe ''Him'' as ''shabby''. A likely Suspect was arrested and given 6-years in Prison. Some say that the attacks stopped. Other say they did not and just lessened in frequency (perhaps done by a ''copycat admirer''. History will never be quite sure.