The Lake Tianchi Monster

  • Cryptids
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By Crusader1307

Not to be undone, The North Koreans too have a ''Lake Monster'' Legend as well. There's is ''shared'' with China, and is known as The Lake Tianchi Monster. The high Mountain Lake is nestle in The Baekdu Range (Northern Korea). And is mostly a very cold location. Few aquatic live reside there (with those that are being transplanted by The Government). First reported in 1903, The Creature was reported as looking like a ''massive, slug (snail)-like Beast, perhaps 50 to 100-feet in length and weighing (estimated) several hundred tons''. The Beast has a Head similar to a Cow's. Some sightings give The Monster long fins or wings on it's flanks. There have been various videos and photos of The Creature since 2007 - many have been debated due to various degrees of quality. However, all attempts at International Investigative Teams launching a detailed investigation have met with resistance by both The Chinese and North Korean Government.