The Lady of The Lake

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

Other than the personage of King Arthur and his legendary Kingdom of Camelot, no one image is more iconic to The Arthurian Legend than that of The “Lady of The Lake”. The “plot device” is central to Arthur's Myth and the Story in general. Even before Malory's “Le Morte”, Legends pointed to the mysterious “Fount” of England's true Ruler and his Blade. This was kept in safety by an even more mysterious “Elemental Spirit” known as “The Lady of The Lake”. “She” also had a variety of names. Some of these were: “Nimue”, “Vivien” and “Eviene”. Her origins are equally mysterious. Merlin, who is thousands of years old, knows of “Her” and speaks of “Her” in revered tones. Some say that there were actually ''two'' Ladies of The Lake, suggesting that there might be a “Fairy Race” of sorts. The Lady is tasked with the ultimate symbol of English Rule, the protection of the mythical Blade “Excalibur”. Possibly dating to Roman Times (even the reputed Sword of Julius Caesar), when “Excalibur” is not in custody of the “True King” (of Pendragon blood), “She” safeguards it underwater in The “Fairy Kingdom”, from which no Mortal can enter. Even when Arthur damaged Excalibur, it was The Lady who repaired it. The Lake's location is equally a mystery. After Excalibur was given back to The Lady (after Arthur's death), as the legend claims – The Lady will give Excalibur to the True Heir to Arthur's Throne. Several Lakes in England, Wales, Scotland and even France – were alluded to as being home to Excalibur and the mysterious “Lady In The Lake”.