The ''Lady Lovibond''

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

In a ''quaint'' Ghost story with a nautical flair, The Legend of The ''Lady Lovibond'' is a well known tale. As the Legend states, it was in the 1740s of The Coast of Kent, England – when The Schooner ''Lady Lovibond'' set sail. The Ship's Captain had decided to marry His Fiance on board (seen as a Bad Luck Omen). Unknown to The Captain, His First Mate had a severe case of unrequited Love for The Ship's Master's gal. When the wedding party and crew were below decks celebrating, the irate Sailor crept up behind The Main Wheel Pilot and clubbed Him to death. Taking control of The Vessel, He steered The ''Lady Lovibond'' into a severe squall (storm). The storm wrecked and sank the Ship, taking all Souls to the bottom. As such, The Ship is said to reappear every 50 years off The Coast of Kent (sometimes as a full Ship ''phantom'', others a simple ''Green. Glowing Mist''). To view The ''Lady Lovibond'' was said to mean One's Ship would soon be engaged in a terrible storm, even a possible sinking. Last reported in 1948, it was not seen in 1998 (50 years). The ''50 year'' sighting mythos has yet to be explained. Many Arcane Scholars cite this ''story'' for the reason the tradition of NOT having a Woman on board a Ship derived from, but this is also not verified.