The Lady in Red

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The ''Lady in Red'' is a name often given to feminine Spirits who (during life), may have been Prostitutes and as such suffered a life of misery. This misery often ended quite violently. ''Clients'' often beat and killed women. Some had unwanted pregnancies and lost their lives in such botched operations. These Entities are given the name ''Lady in Red'' for their employment in life in areas known as ''Red Light Districts''. Many of these locations had Saloons or Brothels, locations frequented by The ''Red Ladies''. In many cases, these structures were repurposed or torn down (with the erection of other structures). Despite this, many spirits of these ''Downcasts'' are known to still exist throughout The World. The US has a rather large proportion of ''Red Lady'' encounters, mostly in American Western buildings which still stand (for Tourism). Hotels, Saloons, etc. - all report Modern day Paranormal Activities. Many likewise have been investigated. ''Shadow Figures'' are quite common, as are ''Orbs'', Cold Spots and of course EVP. In many cases, these ''Red Ladies'' do not like Men, and often Poltergeist activity often surges when ''living'' Men are near.