The Kentucky Meat Shower

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By Crusader1307

To this day, no real conclusive explanation can be given for what happened in Bath County, Kentucky in 1876. The day was ''clear and sunny'' with no unusual happening reported. Around 11:00 AM, ''strips of red meat'' began to fall to the ground, covering an area of roughly 100-yards. The ''red Meat'' was described as possibly ''Deer or Beef''. Samples taken and tested by local Doctors determined that even Lung Tissue (possibly from a Human Infant'' was part of the ''drop''. The few surviving samples (which were preserved in the chemicals of The Day), are too degraded to offer any positive clues. The most common (then) explanation was that a flock of Vultures, flying over Bath County ''vomited up'' their stomach contents. This effect is common when The Bird is frightened or panicked. However, such a large flock of Vultures were not reported. Conversely, the phenomenon happened 9 days later over London, England.