The Johannes Cuntis Case

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By Crusader1307

 As we have seen many times in this Thread, various People thru History have been ''accused'' of being actual Vampires. And while most of these are attributed to over zealousness and of course, Superstition – a ''few'' do rise to the level of question. One in particular, comes from the 15th Century and Eastern Europe. First recorded by a Folklorist in 1655, Mr. Johannes Cuntis was a VERY wealthy man who lived in The Town of Pentsh, in Silesia. A Merchant by trade, it was rumored that His wealth came from a deal He made with The Devil (a rumor that could have very well been started by Business ''Enemies''). His first born Son was reputedly offered to Satan. Cuntis lived His life and had more children, and of course more wealth. However, one day (as an Old Man), He and a Servant were attempting to re-shoe a horse, when Johannes was ''kicked in the head''. The injury was mortal it seems, but He was said to have ''suffered greatly for many hours thereafter''. Johannes told His Doctors that He felt as if He was ''burning alive, due to the many grievous sins He had perpetrated in life''. Cuntis would die. However, in life, He was not generous to The Church, who no doubt also heard the ''rumors''. It took His Family a sizable amount of money to have Him buried on ''Holy Ground''. His corpse was laid in a splendid tomb. And soon after, the ''trouble'' began.....

For the next several months, strange deaths were reported in The Region. Mostly former Enemies of Cuntis, Men were found dead – and drained of blood. In fact, farm animals were also reported to having died ''in droves'', all like their Human counterparts – drained of blood. Most felt that Cuntis had ''something to do with it''. In fact, on more than one occasion – people reported having ''seen'' the now ''gaunt and bloody'' Old Man lurking around local woods. This lead to a party from Town going to The Church Cemetery and breaking into Johannes tomb. What was said they found, frightened them to their core. After opening His coffin, Johannes (now death several months and NOT embalmed), looked as if He never died. No signs of decomposition was seen. In fact, some say that His ''eyes would blink and His hand would tighten if grasped''. Terrified that they had found their ''Vampire'', His corpse was placed on a pyre and set on fire. However, as reported, Johannes body would not burn.

It was decided to hack Johannes remains to bits and cast them into the fire (perhaps to burn easier). This it seems worked, for after being reduced finally to ashes – the deaths stopped. Many alternatives have been given for the condition of Johannes body and the events. Perhaps He didn't die after all, and was simply knocked into a coma (at a time when Medical knowledge was not so great). Perhaps His body had enough air inside His Tomb to sustain ''low level life'', and hence – what the Townspeople found was a comatose person beginning to regain awareness. The murders and blood drinking? More probable to a Killer (or Bandits), simply ''working their trade'' – whereas the loss of blood was quite possibly NOT as ''grand'' as was reported to the superstitious people of The Region. Or perhaps, Johannes really WAS a Vampire.......