The Holy Maid of Leominster

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By Crusader1307

In the 15th Century AD, a ''Tale'' came from Leominster, Herefordshire, England. It involved a Priest who said to His Congregation that ''God'' had sent Him a ''Spirit'' named ''Elizabeth''. She needed no food or water and survived only on Communion Bread. ''Elizabeth'' lived in a room above The Altar (of which no one saw). The Congregation sat in awe, when The Priest raised His Hands with The Bread into the air and it rose high into the rafters by itself, only to disappear into the rafters. ''Elizabeth'' created such a stur, that people came from all over The Country to ''see''. No doubt collections ''rose'' as well within The Parish. That is until King Henry VIIs Mother heard The Tale. She had been tasked by Her Son to investigate all reports of ''unnatural occurrences'' and ''Sorcery''. What She found, after ''threats of The Good King's punishment'' was that ''Elizabeth'' was quite ''real'' indeed. In fact, ''She'' was the Mistress of The Priest living in filth in a small room above The Altar. The Priest had used a thin string which could not be seen readily. Attaching The Communion Bread on the sly, when He lifted it up ''Elizabeth'' pulled it up. Throwing Himself on The King's Mercy The Priest and ''Elizabeth'' were sentenced to ''Public Humiliation''.