The Hollinwell Incident

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By Crusader1307

 Something very odd (and as to date, wholly unexplained), on the outskirts of Nottinghamshire, England in 1980. The Area was used yearly to host The Hollinwell Jazz Festival. This Event attracts hundreds (even thousands) of Music Fans. It is also a mecca for School Bands to hone their Public playing skills. At least that was the plan foe some 300 Children, who arrived on July 13 of that year. Lined up for their performance, suddenly Children began to ''pass out and fall to the ground''. Unresponsive, soon some 300 were effected. No Adults, only Children. Over 250 were treated at scene or taken to Hospital. The site looked for all purposes as a ''mass casualty War Zone''. With most cases, the Children recovered almost immediately (or at least when they were removed from the location). All complained of headaches. All also stated when questioned, that they felt as if their ''arms and legs had no bones in them'' prior to passing out. All would recover with no further effects. Contaminated water and food was blamed. ''Rouge Radio Waves'', even Pesticides in the air were advanced as theories for the massive illness experienced. However, no conclusive evidence or cause has ever been put forward in the 40-years since. It should be noted that perhaps a Paranormal cause was the culprit. The Area (in Medieval Times), was used as a Common Execution Field, and it is said even Witches were hung and burned to death their. Perhaps the Incident is related to a curse. In any case, since The 1980 Event there has been no further use of The Land for any Public Gathering. Odd.........