The Headless Horseman of Lakey's Creek

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By Crusader1307

 New York is not the only US State to ''boast'' a Headless Horseman Tale. The State of Illinois in The American Mid-West, had a Story as well. It comes from Lakey Creek, near McLeansboro. This tale relates one Joel Lakey, a somewhat well liked Man who lived in the 1830s near The Creek. He built His Cabin near one of the few crossing points on The Waterline, and liked having many people come by to cross ''His'' Property. Somewhat ''well off'' for the 1830s – Joel was the object of a reported feud with a Relative. Although no concrete proof has ever been found (or known), most in the area say that it was this Family Member who perpetrated the following horrible Act against Joel one day.

Joel's body was found one morning placed against a tree – His head lopped off. He was buried near the site of His Cabin, and in time – despite the heinousness of the crime – time would forget Joel, until that is – the later part of the 1880s. Those still using the out of the way water lone crossing began to tell tales of ''seeing'' a ''strange phantom'', that looked for purposes as a ''headless man'' – riding around the woods (always never too far from the site of Joel's former Cabin). Unlike His more ''infamous'' Cousin, this Horseman was not seeking other ''heads''. In time, a modern bridge would be built near the old waterline crossing. To this day, after nearly 200 years, People still report seeing the Headless Rider, wandering through the area – perhaps trying to give a clue as to who killed him.