The Haunted Mirror

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

  Bela Blasko was a Hungarian Stage Actor. Don't know His name? No need really, for He changed it when He came to The American Stage as one Bela Lugosi (ring a bell?) Lugosi would be known for His many character roles during Universal (US) Studios ''Golden Age of Horror'' Movies (1930s-1940s), but His greatest (and most lamented by Bela) – was the titular Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Stage (and later Film) Production of the Novel ''Dracula''. An early example of typecasting (from which Lugosi never recovered), as ''annoyed'' as He was about being identified as the infamous blood drinker, He was also strongly protective of it. Lugosi suffered an injury as a young man and suffered from a damaged nerve. It caused Him great pain in later life, so much so – His Doctors prescribed Him a wide variety of painkillers to include Morphine. Lugosi would become addicted and dependent on drugs. It was also well known of by Studio Heads, who began to dial back on His role offers, other than cheap bit parts. Lugosi (who one had Millions and many Real Estate holdings – was reduced to living in a modest Beverly Hills Apartment Complex. He would die in near poverty in 1956.

A Lugosi ''legend'' centers around many of His personal articles, in particular His personal Make-Up Mirror. Lugosi kept the self-lighted Stage Mirror for His entire career. There was a reason it seems. It was said that Lugosi, as a young andf struggling Actor also dabbled in The Occult. In order to ensure success in His employment, Bela was said to have invoked ancient Romani Demons, using ''Mirror Magic''. As such, His ''Mirror'' was used as a portal to some unknown demonic world for His ''Associates'' to enter. But Lugosi failed to realize that such ''requests'' come at a cost (hence His later troubles with His health and maintaining His wealth as a Star). Mirror Magic can be tricky. Most Cultures that cite the various rituals state that demons will be trapped within the glass. One must keep the Mirror covered when not being used to summon the ''dark beings''. If not, they can use their powers to influence others foolish enough to gaze at their own reflection. Such an accident apparently happened in the early 1960s, when a close friend of Lugosi was inside one of His long abandoned (but still furnished) Homes. Perhaps His friend (who too was accompanied by an Associate), thought to take some of the ornate items and sell them for money. Imagine how much Bela's Mirror would fetch.........

Bela's friend was found later, murdered in the house by His friend. The body was found laying in front of Bela's Mirror. The bloodlust sedated the Demons......for then. Eventually, during an Estate Sale, The Mirror made it's way to another Owner. In all (3) people claimed to own Bela's Mirror. All met with death or misfortune. In the 1990s, The Mirror made it's way into a Las Vegas Museum of The Paranormal – which, it is purported, to display only ''haunted or possessed'' Objects. According to the display, The Mirror is displayed ''covered'' in a Bela Lugosi section. Probably ''old hype'' made new to sell tickets to The Museum. Perhaps..........