The Haunted Flower Child

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

Ellen Naomi Cohen.....Doesn't ring a bell? How about ''Mama Cass'' the powerhouse voice of the late 1960s Folk-Pop-Rock Group ''The Mamas and The Papas''? Cass Elliot was a fixture (as was Her Band) in America with a ''sound'' that defined an Era (if you will). Even if you are too young to remember The Singing Group, chances are you's know at least one of Their songs even today. Noted for being a ''Big Girl'', Cass Elliot was also highly educated and left a high powered education for the ''California Sound'' which Her Group (and a few others) would create. But as with most such Bands, poor decisions, ''love affairs'' and simple personalities do clash. The Group would break up in the early 1970s. But Cass Elliot had a voice that was VERY distinctive. She sought to ''re-create'' Her image, and had begun doing so. It was while She was in London, England in 1974 – that She went to bed on night – and died in her sleep (of heart failure). Returned home (California, where She had several homes in fact), She was buried at Mount Sinai Cemetery (near Burbank, California). Her Homes would be sold and re-sold over the years, some to equally famous Actors and Entertainers, others just wealthy people looking for a peaceful home. Cass Elliot's ''favorite'' was located in Laurel Canyon of The Hollywood Hills. MANY famed 1960s Singers and Bands chose to live their for the ''peace and quiet''. Cass Elliot's ''pad'' was notorious for it's MANY parties and ''jam sessions''.

Cass brought the modest Home from none other than famed Actress Natalie Wood (another tragic tale). It was roughly 15 years after Elliot's death that another famed Star brought the home. This was none other that Dan Aykroyd. The well known Actor and Funny Man had another passion (revealed many years later)...He was a bit of a Paranormal Investigator. Aykroyd had always stated that The Elliot Home was VERY haunted. Cold spots (common) – especially where Cass had Her bedroom, as well as the faint odor of perfume. Doors open and closed regularly and did the sounds of ''laughter and wisps of undefined music'' in the air.

Nothing ever malicious was experienced and Aykroyd always felt that ''Cass and Her Friends'' were simply still ''present'' – perhaps on the ''other side'' of some ''doorway''. Whereas Aykroyd is a Musician as well, He experienced no ''activity'' when He listened to or played music. No longer living at the Home on Woodstock Drive in The Canyon – other Families have (and still do live there) – but no one has yet ''complained'' of the possibility of a famous Folk-Rock Singer's ''Spirit'' bothering them.......YET!