The Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

 The ''Edinburgh Vaults'' are a series of man-made stone chambers built in 1788. Located underground, The Vaults were used by various Tavern Keepers to store barrels and kegs of alcohol in The Town of South Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland. Later, The Vaults were used by various Criminals and Gamblers. It was even rumored that infamous Grave Robbers Burke and Hare, may have ''used'' The Vault's to ''store'' their reclaimed corpses in. To add to the coming tale, even evidence of Human habitation was found, showing that area Poor and destitute ''lived'' in the damp and squalid conditions for a time.

 Restored for Tourism, The Vaults have been a major source of Paranormal Activities, well investigated. From traditional ''Cold Spots'' (that seem to ''follow'' one), to ''Shadow People'', the sounds of ''crying and children playing'' are also a common phenomenon. The Vaults are also a very ''hot bed'' of activity with regards to EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Due to the renewed interest in Paranormal incidents, The City has closed (2015) The Vaults to The Public, with access strictly monitored by Police and Security.