The Harold Trudell Photographs

  • Extraterrestrial Abductions and Evidence
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By Crusader1307

While very few remember the name of Harold Trudell today, He was quite a bit of a celebrity (at least in and around the American state of Rhode Island in 1967. At the time, Trudell was just 30-years of age and had been ''bitten'' by the ''UFO Bug'', starting with His ''first sighting'' in 1965. It was around East Woonsocket, Rhode Island, that Trudell had reportedly ''encountered MANY'' UFO Craft encounters. But it seemed that every time Harold ''saw'' an Object – He did not have His portable camera. Harold made it His mission to ALWAYS take His camera with Him everywhere henceforth. Trudell was NOT the only Resident of the small Rhode Island Township who claimed to have seen ''something odd'' in the skies. Most dismissed these ''encounters''.

But in June of 1967, Harold was driving down a secluded road when He ''saw'' not just 1 but several ''Alien looking'' Craft. He pulled over to the roadside and grabbed His camera. Trudell took (7) black & white photographs of the Objects (which seemed to be MUCH closer than His and others previous encounters. Trilled to have finally succeeded, Harold soon published the incredible series of shots. But Critics quickly seized upon the ''UFOs'' – citing that they were obvious ''forgeries''. But those who believed (then ans now), are not sure just how (if they are fakes) – ''They'' were done. Trudell swears that He did not alter the camera or film (both of which would be well examined and tested). The film and camera were NOT altered (despite the rather primitive ''appearance'' of the so-called ''Alien Craft''.