The Grunch

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

Perhaps an urban Legend, or ''something else''... many born in The American State of Louisiana know of ''The Grunch''. Where it's name comes from is unknown, perhaps a local ''Southernism''. But The Grunch is seen as a very ''real'' local terror, going back several hundred years. On the far outskirts of The City of New Orleans (East), is a stretch of Country Road called ''Grunch Road''. To follow it, one will go from asphalt to gravel to eventually dirt and then nothing. The road ends at another typical feature of Louisiana, The Swamp – known as a Bayou. The Grunch were said to be ''poor folk'' – cut off from civilization. They began to survive off The Bayou and even began to inter-marry one another. The result of both of these effects, was the creation of (basically) ''mutant'' humans. They in essence began to de-evolve into ''something else''. This ''species'' grew claws and fangs as a means of hunting it's prey.....humans! The Grunch's most common method of ''hunting'' was to take a lone goat and injury it. Leaving it on the road, a hapless human would stop and perhaps care for the wounded animal. The Grunch will then attack, with the ultimate goal of draining all blood and eating the remaining flesh! ''Grunch Attacks'' were seen the ''reason'' why so many people would go missing in The Bayou. And while there are obviously more ''rationale'' explanations, why not could there be a strange mutated humanoid lifeform living along Grunch Road?