The Great Chain of Being

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By Crusader1307

The ideology of The ''Great Chain of Being'' is associated with Medieval Religious doxology. It concerns the Levels – or Heirarchy of all Things in The Universe and on The Earth. Early Religious Scholars stated that God decreed that ''after Him'', the various Levels of Angels were ''Inheritors'' of God's Grave and Power. There were (9) Levels of Angelic Beings. Humankind followed, instilled by God with ''reason and Soul''. While they had no place in the governorship of Heaven, they would be Inheritors of God's ''good and forgiving will''. Next came animal life. These were seen as being Servants to Man and important for food and for making sacrifice. Plants and Minerals filled out The List. Other conditions were identified in The Great Chain. The ''ability'' of The Sun to rise and The Moons to replace it at night, to the Stars in the Sky – all were ''explained'' by the Doctrine. The Great Chain was seen as an early example to try and merge then ''known'' Science with Religion.