The Golden Rivet

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By Crusader1307

The Mythos of ''The Golden Rivet'' is one that can be found in many Merchant and Military Navies throughput The World. The Tale dates to roughly the late 1860s (in both American and British Services). It is said that a commemorative ''Golden Rivet'' is installed into each Ship (plating) – and is seen as ''Good Luck''. Most ''newbie'' Sailors are told when they come aboard a new vessel that finding such will earn them both ''bragging rights and promotion'' (because the exact location of The Golden Rivet changes with each Shipbuilder. In truth, there is NO SUCH Golden Rivet. Gold is too ''soft'' a metal to be hammered into place and thus would no doubt be crushed when done so. The resulting weakened steel or iron plating would give way – causing The Vessel to sink! (NOT really good luck at all!)