The Goddess of Death

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

The curious statue known as The ''Lady of Lemb'' was discovered in Cyprus in 1878. Dating from 3,500 BC – an Expedition was financed by several wealthy Lords who, as was fashion then – kept some of the better ''finds'' for their personal collections. So too was the once thought ''Fertility Fetish'', named ''The Lady of Lemb''. But subsequent research into related Idols, found ''She'' may have very well been a Goddess of Sacrifice – blood sacrifice. With the first Lord who owned Her, His family began to experience a series of ''accidental'' and ''tragic'' deaths – each of which were bloody affairs. From being run over by a variety of contraptions to other ''methods'', the ''accidents'' so unnerved The Lord, that He sold The Goddess to another wealthy investor. As before, this new Owner began to see His family begin to suffer from the same fate. A third and final buyer too had ''issues'' with The Goddess. But this Owner wisely decided to donate The Goddess to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh in the 1930s. Almost immediately all ''accidents'' would stop. Perhaps nothing more than coincidence? Perhaps. Or perhaps some ancient curse leveled against those who removed and kept The Goddess of Death as a souvenir.