The Glenluce Devil

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By Crusader1307

Glenluce is located in Wigtownshire, Scotland. It was the ''scene'' of a rather spectacular event in the year 1654 AD. You see, The Devil Himself came to visit. According to the Legend, A Weaver by the name of Gilbert Campbell refused to give money to a local Beggar. This ''Beggar'' cursed Campbell for His ''unchristian'' stance. Upon returning Home, Campbell and His Family reported a series of ''demonic occurrences'' that made Regional ''Headlines''. Strange and ''unnatural Music'', loud ''demonic laughter'', large stones ''crashing through The Family Home Roof, even dishes, books and just about everything in the House ''flew here and there''. This ''torment'' lasted weeks. When Locals alerted The Church of the ''attacks'', it was claimed that when the Parish Priest approached The Home ''The Devil fled''. Campbell never had any more problems. The Townspeople searched ''high and low'' for The Beggar but found nothing. Some even said that The Beggar was The Devil Himself.