The Ghosts of Wicklow Jail

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Built in 1702 AD, Wicklow Jail is located in County Wicklow, Eastern Ireland. Known by it's rather ominous nickname ''The Gates of Hell'', it served as an English Prison for ''radical'' Irishmen until 1924. Although partially demolished in 1954 and renovated in 1995. Wicklow Jail is now a Museum. It is also one of the most ''haunted Places'' in Ireland. Since it's 18th Century opening, the majority of Leaders of The 1798 Irish Rebellion were imprisoned there. Many were tortured by cruel Guards and still many more executed (by Hanging), in the Rear Courtyard. Although the once present Prison Cemetery has long since been ''relocated'' other are NOT too sure. The Poor who suffered under the many Potato Famines, unable to paid their debts were also imprisoned. As such, over the Centuries, many suffering and tormented souls have lived and died at Wicklow. The last Group of Political Prisoners were from The 1919 to 1921 Irish War of Independence. From 1924 until 1954 Wicklow sat empty. But Caretakers warned of ''strange noises, screams and moans'' through the Cells and Hallways of the Stone and Timber, multi-floored structure.. Odd ''smells'' and ''Shadow Figures'' have all been reported (even the occasional ''slap'' by an ''unseen hand''). Even the partial rebuilding in 1995 to it's present form has not stopped the paranormal activities reported.