The Ghosts of The King's Head Inn

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The ''King's Head Inn'', located in Aylesbury, England has the distinction of being one's of Britain's oldest still serving Public Inns. The very facade of The Building conjures images of the 17th Century. That, plus the numerous reports of Paranormal Activity that has been reported over it's long History. Built in 1455 AD, is listed in Land Grant's as ''Kyngeshede'', King Henry VII may have lodged their as well as several other personages in English History. By the 17th Century, The ''King's Head'' took on a more ominous note. The then Owner was a supporter of The Parliamentarian Cause during The English Civil War, housing many of like thought. Hence the name '' The King's Head'' took on a different meaning (as in the removal of King Charles I own ''head''). War Leader Oliver Cromwell may have also used The Inn (briefly) as a Headquarters. Although renovated many times, much of The Building was left untouched. Starting in the 1970s, reports of various unusual activities came to light. Investigators identify at least three ''Eternal Residents'' reside within it's walls. One, a ''Grey Lady'' is ''seen and heard'' wandering the Upper Floors. Moistly malevolent ''She'' seems ''lost'' and unaware that ''Her time has past''. The second, A possible Soldier from The Civil War likes to ''blow cold air'' onto the backs and necks of Visitors to The Tavern below. The final, is said to be a Housekeeper who fell from the Upper Floor Stairs in 1900 (breaking Her neck), still ''works'' Her Rooms.