The Ghosts of The Birdcage Theater

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 The American West has it's fair share of Legends, Myths and related ''Tall Tales''. As it has been said many times to Journalists of the genre - ''When The Legend Becomes Bigger Than The Truth....Print The Legend''. This is especially true of the MANY Ghost Stories which have come from The ''Wild West''. Perhaps one of the best examples of one Town seen by many as very ''haunted'' is that of The City of Tombstone, Arizona. The ''name itself'' is legendary, as is the Town's once ''colorful and infamous'' past. Scene of the famed ''Gunfight at The OK Coral'' (1881) hardly any still standing building in Town from that Era doesn't have a ''Ghost or Two''. The Town drew many names (both famous and otherwise), to it's once dusty streets. Names like Earp, Holiday, Masterson and Clanton (for a very short list). The Town very quickly capitalized on it's infamy and became a ''Tourist Trap'' of sorts. Many American's strolled down the restored section of Old Tombstone in the 1950s and 1960s during one of those ''endless'' Family Summer Vacations. One spot that drew them in (other than The OK Coral), was The Birdcage Theater. Renovated MANY times in it's ''lifetime'', The Theater was first opened in 1881 and would continue as a business until 1894. It is now a Museum (of sorts). It is also ''home'' to MANY Spirits as it has been said

One part Theater, Dance Hall, Gambling House, Saloon and of course Brothel, The Birdcage ''hosted'' The World's Longest Poker Game. The ''game'' ran (non stop) for 8 incredible years (1881-1889). Costing $1,000 USD to ''buy in'', Players ''came and went'' b ut the game NEVER ended. An estimated $10 Million USD was said to have been gleaned (of which The Birdcage took 10%). However, The Birdcage is also a magnet for Spirits (and with good cause). Violence did happen there on occasion. The mix of gambling losses, drunk bar fights which ended in gun play, etc. all no doubt left heavy ''energies'' behind. Employee's tell stories of ''Booted and spurred footsteps walking on the Upper Floors were once Hotel Rooms were once'', ''Laughter (fleeting) is also commonplace. These and ''Cold Spots'', Orbs and of course ''Shadow Figures'' are even more seen. People report being ''touched'' by ''unseen hands'' regularly. This, as well as a MANY time wealth of photography that can at times ''defy explanation''. Many investigations have been conducted over the years. All involved cite that The Birdcage is definitely home to ''something'' (or ''things''). Reports of various hauntings go back as far as the 1930s and are still reported today.