The Ghosts of The Alamo

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

 The Battle of The Alamo (1836), was a defining moment in US and Texas History. Very few locations in America still exude such strong feelings of patriotism as that small former Spanish Mission, from which Texan Militiamen stood to the death against an Army of nearly 2,000 Mexican Soldiers. Spoken of in song, story and of course film – The Alamo is then as it is today an important and jealously guard piece of Texas History. And it should be of no surprise that the site of the 13-day Siege is quite haunted! After the battle (which once started lasted barely 20-minutes, with the last and final assault of Mexican Infantry), close to 200 Texan defenders were dead, the entire compliment in fact, save several women and a slave. The bodies were further the subject of Generalissimo Santa Anna's anger at the Rebels. Most were gathered in heaps (pyres) and set alight. Some were placed in a mass grave and covered (tp this day still, unknown). And still others, were thrown into the nearby river – to rot.

Several days after the epic fight, Santa Anna gave orders for The Alamo Mission to be completely razed and burned. He would have no ''monument'' to serve as a rallying point for the remaining Texas Rebels with General Sam Houston's Army to The North. He ordered a detachment of Cavalry to carry out the detail. After several hours, as Legend states – the Mexican cavalry cam back, terrified. They reported that when they approached the structure – they were ''greeted'' by six ''Demons''. Each carried a flaming sword and ''guarded'' each of the principle entrances inside The Mission. By this time however, Santa Anna had already begun to move His massive Army to The North, after Houston.

In time, all manner of ''Ghostly'' sightings were reported – even after Texas had won it's independence from Mexico at The Battle of San Jacinto. People in the growing Town of San Antonio stated it was common to see the ''shadows of soldiers, walking the battlements of the ruined Mission''. At other times, ''cries'' could be heard and ''moaning''. Even the ''footsteps of marching soldiers'' were heard. Many times in history was The Mission renovated to preserve it for future generations, each phase brought about Contractors and Workers ''seeing'' and ''hearing'' perhaps the former Texas Volunteers, still on duty.

But ''other Spirits'' have been reported. Popular is the story of a Little Boy with Blonde Hair, seen running to and fro thru The Mission. Some say this is the Spirit of a child of One of the defenders. Another, is a rather ''confused'' Mexican Soldier – unclear as to just ''why'' He is ''where He is''. The most common is from Visitors, who – while ''Living Historian'' Guides – dressed as Texas Soldiers, give very ''detailed'' accounts of The Battle, as if they ''fought it''. When compliments to Museum Administrators are given, it is learned that no Guides were on duty that day, or not in that portion of The Museum. In another known fact about The Alamo, apparently the ''residing Spirits'' do not wish any further work down to the building. Whenever any work is performed – no matter how small, ''they'' get very restless and angry. Sometimes, glass display cases are found cracked or broken – even when the building (The Alamo Mission is the Museum), is under electronic alarm and surveillance.