The Ghosts of Silver Cliff Cemetery

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Located outside of The City of Denver, Colorado (US) – Silver Cliff Cemetery is a rustic and quite haunted locale of the American West. Established in 1880 (and still in use today), it holds the physical remains of early pioneers, soldiers and the like – all moving from The East Coast to seek their ''fortune and a better life''. But Silver Cliff is home to an even larger population. Dead Catholics and Protestants. At a time when Catholicism was often harshly viewed by early Americans, who by and large favored Protestantism, even in death – such dislike and theological differences appear abound. Since the 1890s, reports of ''Balls of Glowing, Blue Light'' – darting back and forth from either side, give the ''impression'' of some sort of ''aerial battle'' still being fought by restless Spirits. Some other locals are naysayers of this ''origin story''. They claim that in the 1860s, Townspeople massacred a nearby Native American Tribe. These ''Spirits'' continue to ''harass the peace'' of those who – ''they see'', as their Aggressors.