The Ghosts of Richmond Castle

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By Crusader1307

Built in 1071 AD as part of William The Conqueror's Invasion and Occupation of Britain - Richmond Castle sits on The River Swale near North Yorkshirem England. The massive surviving fortification is perhaps one of England's last example of Norman Defensive works still so well preserved. Richmond Castle has seen much History since. Internal Wars, many English Kings - Richmond is well worth the visit....even if nothing more than for it's long running Legend. As far back as any locals can remember...Richmond is said to be the last ''resting place'' of none other than the iconic figure King Arthur. But not only that historical ''elusive'' King, but His ''Knights of The Round Table''. Said to all having been put into a ''deep sleep'' (by Court Wizard Merlin), they ''wait'' for the time when ''England needs them most''.


Naturally, this ''tale'' is seen as local ''color''... based on several Late Medieval Era writings. But as lat as the 17th Century AD, many have reported ''seeing'' what appears to be ''Ancient Knights'' roaming the Castle. Strange ''odors'' and of course - ''Cold Spots'' as well as ''strange feelings of being in someone's presence'' are quite common. In addition to it's ''Arthurian Legend'' link, Richmond Castle boasts a tale similiar to the previously discussed ''Drummer of Tedworth'' Ghostly legend, It is said some (perhaps) Drummer from The English Civil War of the 17th Century ''haunts'' The Castle, with his ghostly drumming being ''heard'' throughout the dark and dank tunnels which run underneath the ancient Castle.