The Ghosts of Poveglia Island

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 Poveglia Island is part of Venice (Adriatic Sea, Northern Italy). Originally used as a hideaway from War in the 14th Century, by the 18th Century, Poveglia was used as a Plague Quarantine Station. Still later, The Island served as location for a Mental Hospital until the late 1960s. It would serve no greart mystery to say that Poveglia Island is VERY haunted. The Hospital is noted for it's Towering Bell Tower, still well seen from Sea. From here, a Doctor (who it was said went insane due to perceived hauntings by Spirits), jumped to His death. The Hospital was noted for it's Lobotomy Operations, seen as a last ditch effort to ''calm'' severely disturbed Patients. The sorrow and insanity quite literally permeated the very walls of The Buildings. When serving as a Plague Station, without families in most cases to care for them, these souls suffered in silence often starving to death or committing suicide to escape their agonies.

With the overall outward appearance of The Hospital (which is quite beautiful), Mainland Authority began to resort The Buildings (for Tourism). However, Workers reported all manner of Paranormal Activities. From ''attacks'' including unseen hands ''grabbing'' at climbing Workers, to Cold Spots, bad odors etc. Shadows seen darting to and fro as well as documented Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), all helped drive off most Contractors. So bad, all work has stopped to date!