The Ghosts of Nuuanu Pali Lookout

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

While Hawaii is a beautiful locale to live or visit, The chain of Islands have their own local myths and legends (born out of Centuries of Native tales). They too have their own ''Ghost Stories''. Which brings us to the ''Big Island'' of Oahu and Nuuanu Pali. The Sheer rock face of lava rock (several thousand feet in height), date to the earliest times of Oahu's formation. It was also the site of a long ago battle in the year 1795. Then, King Kamehameha was on a quest. This was to unite all The Islands under one Ruler. Other than Oahu, each was ruled by a Chief. They took it seriously when told to quite their reigns and bow down to a single Ruler. War started. At Pali Point, a clash between Kamehameha Army and Chief Kalanikupule's Forces, resulted in The Chief having 400 Warriors cut off from escape. To their front was the King's Army, to their rear – the cliff. Perhaps it was more agreeable to kill themselves with honor, than surrender. Perhaps The King purposely ordered His Forces to (at spear point), push the Warriors over to their death. The end result was the sure death of all 400, left to rot on the rocks below. No doubt their remains were dragged away my many Jungle animals. But some say their remains are still there....somewhere. Which leads us to the ''Ghost Story''. People have reported for years, that on certain nights and time (normally late evening in the summer), One can ''hear'' screams and yells of Warriors in battle. Others claim they can ''see'' (if only fleeting), the images of long dead Warriors ''falling to their death''. And others still, can ''see'' long lines of Warriors arrayed in battle on The Point.