The Ghosts of Mary King's Close

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 A ''Close'' is a Scottish term used to identify a type of Alley such as might be found located in large (and very old) Urban Centers. While such Alley's were originally built with little than a 5 to 6-foot width, the ''closeness'' to building walls would also give their name a ''Close''. Even with more practical building processes, in most cases The Closes would simply be left as they were and as such, they became disused by the ''rank and file''. In Edinburgh, Scotland is a location called ''Mary King's Close''. Once a series of Alley's dating to the 16th Century AD, in time the street along with building foundations were raised, creating an enclosed space. A 17th Century AD Burgess known as Mary King took control of the area (and lent Her name). People wandering through Te Burgess ''house'' and adjoining Closes (at least those that can be accessed), report seeing ''strange lights'' and seeing ''Shadowing images of people'', wandering about. Strange smells (of decomposition and smoke) are also reported. In the 19th Century AD many were committed to Lunatic Asylums, The Close having driven them ''insane''.


Scientists state that in the 11th Century AD, in this part of The City, a large swamp or bog existed. Filled in but perhaps not properly drained, the escaping Methane and related gases are claimed to be responsible. However, many claim that any trace gases are not sufficient enough to cause what has been reported. Several Paranormal Investigations Organizations have sent time investigating The Close. All claim strong paranormal readings on specialized equipment.