The Ghosts of Igbo Landing

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 A Case of Paranormal Activity or justice craved by a regressed Social conscience? Either could apply to Igbo Landing – located in Glynn County, Georgia (US). Our tale goes back to 1803 and the period of American History when The ''Peculiar Institution'' known as Slavery was forefront. Glynn County served as a main ''artery'' for the Slave Trade – coming from Georgia's Coast. One Ship in particular, having transported from Africa thru the horrendous ''Middle Passage'' (The primary Atlantic Ocean Slave Shipping route) – some 75 (surviving) members of The Igbo Peoples, had come to a stop in Glynn.

The Igbo were proud people who abhorred Slavery. Unable to escape their chains and restraints – they called upon their Tribal Religion for help. Believers in Water (Elemental) Deities, it was said that one such Spirit controlled a ''doorway'' accessible from water. One simply had to pray and walk into foreign waters and resurface into their own Homeland. When The Slavers were watching, 75 Men, Women and Children walked into The Dunbar River – sure they would surface in their beloved lands. They didn't. Instead all drowned.

History becomes unclear as to what happened next (although some stated that 10 were saved) – the remainder were either cremated or simply shoved into a mass trench grave, given to ritual or otherwise. As such, the region became known as ''Igbo Landing''. So too did the curse. From that time until today, the region has seen nothing but hardship. The River has seen more than it's share of ''accidental drowning. Any businesses which tried to make use of the woodlands (wood processing), were likewise met with bad luck and many accidents (since the 1920s). This coupled with the sightings of strange ''Orbs of colored Lights'' seen flying two and fro. Could the spirits of The Igbo still be searching for their ''way home''?

In 2012, (indeed for many years) – several coalitions of African-American Historical Societies in the area, have petitioned The State and Federal Government to fully recognize Igbo Landing and the tragedy that happened there. Their cause always fails for one reason or another. The Coalition decided to erect their own small placard detailing the horrors of that day. Something must have worked. Since then, much of the ''activity'' has slowed down or stopped. Did this act appease The Igbo? Maybe...........