The Ghosts of Gypsy Cemetery

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 While known locally as ''The Gypsy Cemetery'', this ''hallowed'' ground is actually South East Grove Cemetery, located near The Town of Crown Point, Indiana (US). The land has been associated with a particularly unusual ''curse'' placed upon it by Gypsies. It was in the 1820s that a small Band of Traveling Gypsies came to Crown Point. It was Winter Time. Gypsies are generally not a welcome Group to many. They could find nowhere to set up Camp, so they moved to the outskirts of Town and setup camp. This caused anger to Town Residents, who on more than one occasion ''demanded'' The Group leave. Eventually complying and deciding to vacate, a severe bout of influenza hit and The Gypsies could not leave. Time after time, The Gypsies tried to get medicine from Town, Time and time again, they were refused. Several Gypsies died and were buried in The Camp. So angered, they left -  but not before placing a Curse on The Town that had ''No Pity''.

In time, The Camp would be taken over by a nearby Cemetery Association and became The South East Grove Cemetery. An then the problems started. For some odd reason, when one walks through The Cemetery, a strange thick red mud-like substance can be found on one's shoes. It looks an awful lot like blood. The Cemetery is the only place such ''mud'' seems to exist. Canines refuse to enter The Cemetery, of howling madly if they are forced to. Strange Orbs are often seen (and photographed) with the location. One more than one occasion, people have reported ''seeing'' mist assuming an almost Human form (this to has been photographed).